2001 to 2002 Taniko

This project was inspired by the "Japan 2001" a national initiative to educate the wider community about Japanese Culture. We chose a play by Brecht, based on a Japanese ancient myth, and we performed in Japanese Noh Theatre traditional style. The Play had narrative silent elements – The Noh, and this was interspersed with Kyogen the over the top comedy. We learned some words in Japanese to go with the play.

In this play we also employed two professional musicians to perform with us, the musicians wrote a special score to accompany the show and they performed with us at show at The Beacon Centre, Beaconsfield and Firestation Arts Centre, Windsor.

Taniko is the story of a community in the mountains who need medicine for their village, they journey across the mountain to get the medicine but one boys falls ill on the journey. They cannot carry him and if they turn back they will not get the medicine for the village. Do they leave him to die and save the village or carry him home but then the village will all die? The audience is left with the moral dilemma, and we performed two endings allowing our audience to decide which one was best.

Taniko became a workshop for Oakbridge Centre, Windsor and Burnham Opportunities Centre.

It was also performed at the Windsor Fringe Arts Festival.