2007 to 2008 Pirates of Penzance

To mark the 10th Anniversary of Friendly Bombs we has a special gala performance. We presented some highlights from the previous shows, these were selected by members of the company. Together with this we also put together a fun version of Pirates of Penzance, based on the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta. This piece was chosen by company members.

Pirates of Penzance is the story of a group of Pirates that capture a group of young ladies on the beach in Penzance, planning to marry them. The ladies father , the Major General is also captured and becomes a pirate. The local police constabulary are on the look out for the pirates and there is a face off between the two groups, Pirates and Policemen.

We performed Pirates of Penzance at Oakbridge Day Centre and Seeleys House Opportunities and Respite Care Centre as participatory workshops.

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