2008 to 2009 Journey's End

Based on the play by R C Sherriff, we chose to work on this play about the First World War.

The story is that of a regiment in a trench on the front line in 1916. The play focuses on the relationships between the classes and ranks, and the various responses to the horrors or war. The play is also an interesting study of friendship and loneliness. This allowed us to develop our skills at portraying emotions in our acting. The staging of the battlefield scenario allowed us to explore new methods of using technology to support our work on the stage.

Journey's End toured extensively throughout the summer of 2009. We presented workshops at Burnham Opportunities Centre, Jack Tizard School in Hammersmith and Amersham Gateway Club. The show was also seen at St. Peter's Church, Burnham and Norden Farm Arts Centre. The tour ended at The Beacon Centre where it was joined in performance by a new piece of dance drama created by the newer members of the company during the year based on Swan Lake.

Swan Lake was also performed as a workshop for Oakbridge Day Centre in June 2009.

Journey's End won the Adjudicators Award at the Maidenhead Drama Festival in April 2009.